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Admission Requirements
Current circumstances make it extremely difficult for overseas students to gain admission to the Hebrew University Medical and Dental Schools. Due to lack of space, many highly qualified Israeli students must be turned away. This situation makes it impossible to accept students from countries other than Israel. The one exception to this rule relates to students who, as a matter of personal conviction, have opted for Aliyah and for citizenship in Israel.
Such students are given the opportunity to compete for the relatively small number of places together with the Israeli applicants. For these students, the following applies:
  • The School of Dental Medicine will accept applications for advanced standing provided that the program from which the student is applying is identical to the program at the Hebrew University. 
  • Applications are accepted only from candidates who are in Israel. This restriction applies to all categories -- overseas students, potential immigrants and Israelis studying abroad. Applications must be made before the end of February for the following academic year. 
  • Applicants must submit the necessary documentation with their application, no later than the end of February. Therefore, candidates who are in the process of graduating from high school are not eligible to apply. The only exception is candidates who are registered with the Academic Reserves (Atuda Akademit) of the IDF. 
  • Applicants are required to take the N.I.T.E. (National Institute for Testing and Evaluation) Psychometric Entrance Test. This examination measures cognitive skills and is offered in Hebrew, Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian or combined English/Hebrew. This examination must be taken in the Spring session at the latest. 
  • A personal interview at the Schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine may be necessary for applicants who have satisfactorily completed the above requirements. 
  • Candidates who are accepted are required to present documentation attesting to their Israeli citizenship. 
  • All candidates must have a good command of Hebrew. Although completion of the intermediate level is the minimum requirement, it is strongly recommended that candidates acquire as much Hebrew language skill as possible prior to beginning studies, as all lectures are given in Hebrew. 
If you meet the above requirements, please contact:
The Office of Overseas Students Admissions
Goldsmith Building, Mount Scopus
91905 Jerusalem, Israel
Tel. (02) 882607/8/9/12
Admission Requirements to Advanced Years in the Faculty of Dental Medicine
As a rule students are not admitted to advanced studies. The only exception is that of new immigrants (olim) who have been compelled by circumstances to discontinue their studies in their countries of origin. Such candidates may be considered after demonstrating qualifications on a par with those of their Israeli counterparts.
Admission Process
As part of the admission process to the School of Medicine, candidates are categorized into different groups and placed on a scale according to their achievements. Those with the highest ranking will be accepted after a personal interview. The categories are as follows:
  • Candidates who have a high school certificate equivalent to the Israeli matriculation certificate (Bagrut) and the required grade average will be ranked on the basis of their NITE Psychometric Entrance Test scores.
  • Candidates with an academic degree and the required grade average will be ranked on the basis of their NITE Psychometric Entrance Test scores.
  • Candidates in the Hebrew University Four Year/Preparatory Program Science Trend will be ranked on the basis of the weighted average of their grades in the program and their NITE Psychometric Entrance Test scores.
  • Candidates with a high school certificate that is not equivalent to the Israeli Bagrut, but who have finished at least one year of studies at an accredited institution of higher education will be ranked on the basis of their NITE Psychometric Entrance Test scores. 
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