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The Department of Oral Medicine provides teaching and clinical services in all areas of oral medicine. As part of the Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical Services conglomerate, we are responsible for teaching undergraduates Oral Medicine as part of their studies towards receiving their “Doctor of Dental Medicine” degree (the Oral Medicine undegraduate curriculum can be found on this website under ‘Teaching'. Additionally we provide a postgraduate specialist program leading to recognition of succesful candidates as “Specialists in Oral Medicine”. The detailed program of the specialty training can be found on this website.
The services provided by the department may be broadly divided into specialized dental services and specialized clinics (clinics marked with * are recognized and covered by Israeli health funds) .

Dental Clinics


First Aid, Treatment Planning.

This service runs daily and provides emergency treatment dfor patients with acute dental, periodontal, mucosal or other problems. The department also examines and forms primary treatment plans for all adult patients that are accepted for treatment in the faculty.

Dental Treatment for the Medically Compromised Patient (MCP)

Patients with systemic disease need a specialized approach to ensure safe delivery of dental care. This includes patients with relatively stable disorders such as treated high blood pressure, stable diabetes and ischemic heart disease. Patients with more severe disorders such as unstable angina pectoris, with prosthetic heart valves or after treatment for cancer are particularly in need of such an approach.


The Israeli Medical Insurance Law provides partial finiancial assistance for patients before, during and after oncological treatment. The cover is partial and limited in time except for patients suffering from head and neck cancer.
The detailed conditions of the law can be found at the Oncol-Medical page (hebrew page)

Unit for Dental Treatment of Patients under Sedation or General Anesthetic

Patients suffering from extreme dental phobia, mental or physical handicaps, or health problems may need treatment performed employing sedative techniques or even general anesthesia. The unit provides such a service and has access to the operating rooms in the Hadassah general hospital.

Oral Mucosal Lesions*

Provides diagnostic and therapeutic services for all disorders of the oral mucosa including oral ulcers and blisters, infections and cancer.

Chronic Orofacial Pain*

Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic orofacial pain. The clinic deals with facial pain from muscular, skeletal (TMJ), neuropathic (neuralgias) and vascular sources (e.g. migraine).

Salivary Gland Dysfunction*

Deals with the diagnosis and treatment of salivary gland dysfunction secondary to drug therapy, autoimmune diseases (Sjogren's) and hormonal imbalance (eg. Thyroid diseases).

Unit for Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology

All types of intra and extra oral radiographs with radiological diagnosis of the maxillofacial and oral regions.
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