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Endodontics deals with the prevention and treatment of diseases of the dental pulp. Irreversible damage usually requires root canal treatment, while the more advanced injury of the periapical tissues calls for endodontic methods.
The department of endodontics is located in the 2 nd floor of the Hadassah school of dental medicine and has 5 operatories, and was recently renovated..
The Endodontic clinic is a state-of-the art facility which has intra-operative magnification via the surgical operating microscopes, laser, ultrasonic instrumentation, as well as rotary endodontic instrumentals and a variety of thermoplasticised obturation devises and Digital radiography
The procedures that are performed in the clinic are:
   •   Root canal treatments
   •   Root canal retreatments
   •   Non vital bleaching
   •   Apical Surgery and Apicectomy
   •   Apexification Procedures
   •   Treatment of root perforations
   •   Treatment of root resorptions
   •   Treatment and follow up of minor traumatic dental injuries
   •   Non vital bleaching
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