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About the School of Dental Medicine
 General information about The Faculty of Dental Medicine 
The Hebrew University - Hadassah School Of Dental Medicine
Founded by the Alpha Omega Fraternity in 1953. 
The Hebrew University-Hadassah Faculty of Dental Medicine was founded in 1953 as a joint initiative of the Hebrew University, Hadassah and the Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity. The faculty provides the highest standard of Dental Medicine through a comprehensive approach involving the training of dentists and dental auxiliary professionals, extensive community outreach programs and innovative research into dental diseases, application of new technologies in the field and extensive research in the craniofacial complex.
The agreement between the Hebrew University which was founded in 1925 as a research university and Hadassah determines that the first three out of six years of studies, towards a D.M.D. degree, are under the general responsibility of the Hebrew University, called the pre-clinical years, while Hadassah will be responsible for the following three clinical years. Thus, the Faculty of Dental Medicine is comprised of two main sectors; the pre-clinical and the clinical departments.
There are approximately 370 undergraduate dental students in our six year academic program, while 80  students are admitted yearly to the first year.  After completing three years and receiving a B.Med.Sc degree with an average grade of 80, the students continue to the clinical years to receive a D.M.D. degree.
As part of the D.M.D. degree requirements each student must submit an original D.M.D. thesis which is a research work supervised by a faculty member (minimum rank of lecturer) either from the Institute for Dental Sciences or from the clinical departments or both.
Our Dental School offers nine post graduate specialization programs (three to five years) in the different fields of dentistry. We also offer a special long term continuing education programs (of one to two years) for trainees in an Advanced General Practice Program (AGPP), Aesthetic Dentistry, Dental treatments under Sedation and General Anesthesia and Oral Rehabilitation over Dental Implants. There are also annually courses for dental hygienists and dental assistants.
Students and young faculty members are constantly encouraged to start their involvement in research at an early stage of their academic and/or professional careers. The research is done under the framework of the Biomedical Graduate Program which is in charge of the MS.c. and Ph.D. students. The goal of these programs is to allow top students to enrich their scientific background and to contribute to the on-going dental research in Israel and worldwide. As we envision those graduates as future leaders in dentistry in Israel, we seek to provide them with best possible training in research in addition to their high level clinical training.
Over one hundred students are listed in our program. More than half of our M.Sc. students either hold a D.M.D. degree or are currently D.M.D. students. About one third of our Ph.D. students holds a D.M.D. degree or is currently in their clinical studies.
Mission of HUHSDM

The mission of the Hebrew University - Hadassah School of Dental Medicine is to train and educate dental practitioners, research students and specialists in Israel to the highest quality of excellence and ethical standards while providing comprehensive patient care. This should result in raising the standing of the School of Dental Medicine and the Hebrew University as leaders in their field and in on both regional and global levels. 


Goals of School of Dental Medicine
HUHSDM, as a pluralistic vibrant academic community institution, is committed to:
1.    Education
ü  Excellence in training and teaching competent dental practitioners and specialists capable providing broad spectrum of patient centered care.
ü  Establish and maintain continuing education programs for the dental professional community.
2.    Patients – the promotion of excellence in treatment and service focusing on comprehensive patient care, community-based experience, and social action by community programs.
3.    Teamwork - encourage the teaching, learning and assisting faculty members to create a professional, creative, environmentally attuned and leading team.
4.    Research
ü  To be counted among the best research dental schools worldwide
ü  To train and educate cutting-edge excellent dental and cranio-facial research students.



Core Values


ü  Professionalism
      Ethical, honesty, respect and  integrity 
ü  Excellence
      Realize our full potential and commitment to excellence.
      Achievement and performance set to the highest standards
ü  Leadership
      Willingness to take responsibility
      Creating a vision and goals to make a difference
ü  Continuous Improvement
      Dedication to continuing education
      Updating with new research, technologies and equipment
ü  Diversity
      Accept our differences while working together and respect to those who are different.
ü  Caring
      Kindness, compassion and social conscientiousness
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