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  • Prof.  Doron Steinberg
Born 1955, Jerusalem
Ph.D. 1988, Hebrew University.
Lect. 1992
Sen. Lect. 1999
Assoc. Prof. 2003
Full Prof 2007
Director:  Biofilm Research Laboratory 
Academic Position Head, Bio-Medicine Graduate Program in Dental Medicine 
Research InterestsBiofilms: formation, composition, properties and prevention.
Biofilms: gene expression, bacteria-bacteria communication (quorum sensing)
Development of drugs, drug delivery systems and sustained released devices affecting biofilms.
Fields of biofilm research: dental, medicinal, water systems, Clean Tec, food technology 
Research ProjectsModulation of bacteria-bacteria communication (quorum sensing).
Gene expression of bacteria in biofilm.
Properties of cell free constituents of biofilms compared to planktonic conditions.
Biochemical properties of oral bacteria in biofilm compared to solution.
Novel medications (e.g., sustained release devices) affecting biofilms (human  veterinarian use and engineering applications).
Biofilm properties on dental materials and implants.
Novel approaches in affecting biofilms in water systems, medical devices, & house hold.
Development of models for various biofilms 
Abstracts of Current Research Biofilms:
Most bacteria in nature are associated in biofilms. Biofilms are unique environments which harbor the main virulent factors which trigger most diseases. The biological, biochemical properties and gene expression of immobilized bacteria in the biofilm may differ than of bacteria in solution. Enzymatic properties of cell free enzymes may differ also in these two distinct environments. Bacteria in biofilms communicate via autoinducers - allowing better acclimation to the biofilm micro environment.
We have developed models that mimic the micro-environment of various types of biofilms. Significant clinical, biological, pharmaceutical and pharmacological information can be obtained from studying constituents of the biofilms in such models. Recently we have synthesized chemical analogues of the natural autoinducers allowing us to manipulate communication between bacteria.
Novel drugs and drug delivery systems are developed and tested in my laboratory as a major means to affect biofilms.
Key words: biofilm, sustained release delivery systems  
Selected Publications
Cohen J, Featherstone JD, Le CQ, Steinberg D, Feuerstein O. Effects of CO2 laser irradiation on tooth enamel coated with biofilm. Lasers Surg Med. 2014 Jan 7. doi: 10.1002/lsm.22218. [Epub ahead of print]
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Lorber, G., Duvdevani, M., Friedman, M., Lavy, E., Landau, EH., Gofrit, ON., Pode, D., Steinberg D. (2013). Sustained Release Antibacterial Varnish Coated Biopsy Needle For Reduction of Infection Rates Following Prostate Biopsy - In vitro Model. J Endourol . 27(3):277-83.
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