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  • Prof.  Dan Gazit
Curriculum Vitae
Name:    Dan Gazit           
Place of Birth:    Jerusalem, Israel 
Marital Status:   Married; 6 children.
Ph.D.    (1991)  Hebrew University of Jerusalem
D.M.D.  (1976) Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2002- present  Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
1998- 2002        Associate Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
1992- 1998       Tenured Senior lecturer in Oral Pathology, Hebrew University of     Jerusalem
1986                    Lecturer in Oral Pathology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
1981-1985          Instructor in Oral Pathology, Hebrew University of  Jerusalem.
2012-2014 Member, Tenure Faculty Appointments Committee, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2010-present Member, Experimental Sciences Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2005-present Member, Executive Committee of the Hebrew University Board of Governors
2005-present Chair, Research Committee, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2005-2010 Director, Hebrew University of Jerusalem Center for Converging Sciences and Technologies
2002-2003 Member, Rector’s committee for the foundation of graduate    school, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
2002-2003 Member, Dean of Students Committee, The Hebrew  University of     Jerusalem
2001-2003 Chairman, Biotechnology Steering Committee, The Hebrew      University of Jerusalem
1999-2004 Member, Steering Committee, Gene Therapy Center,  Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem
1998-2003 Chairperson, Faculty Research Day, The Hebrew University of  Jerusalem
1997-2003 Head, Hebrew University Dental Sciences Graduate Program
1996-2001 Head, Oral Pathology Biopsy Facility, The Hebrew University - Hadassah Faculty of Dental Medicine
1994-1998 Representative of Senior Lecturers and Associate Professors to the Senate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
1984-1985 Representative of Instructors to the Faculty Council, the Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Dental Medicine
2003-2010  Visiting Professor, University of Virginia School of Medicine
1999 Visiting Professor, Harvard Medical School, Bone Biology Research
1999 Visiting Professor, Boston University, Bone Biology Research
1999 Visiting Professor, Leiden Medical Center, Bone Biology Research

• Skeletal gene therapy & regenerative medicine.
• Stem cell isolation and characterization.
• Novel gene discovery.
• Nano technology in regenerative medicine.
• Molecular & Micro Imaging.
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* Chapter in a book.

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