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  • Dr.  avraham Zini
​Born 1962 , ISRAEL
D.M.D. 1989 , ISRAEL
Post-graduate program, specialization in Public Health Dentistry. 2003-2007,ISRAEL
MPH. 2004-2006, ISRAEL 
Awards and Honours

2005 – Award of the School of Public Health – foundation of Dr. Elasar Kesen for Excellence. .
2006 - Fellow International College of Dentists (FICD) for contribition to the community.
2007 – Award of the Faculty of Medicine, for Excellence in Masters Program.
2008 – Award the Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Hadassah, for Excellence of Lecturers. 
Research Interests:

Clinical and non-clinical dimensions of health promotion.
Community based prevention and outreach activities.
Oral health dimension and the importance of its treatment among needy populations.
Trends and epidemiological data of oral cancer in Israel.
Socio-dental indicators and assessment of the influence of oral disease on the quality of life of the individual and society.
The pathway between religiosity or spirituality and health.
The oral health needs of geriatric communities. 
Research Projects:

The Impact of Spirituality, and Religion on Oral Health among the orthodox Jewish community in Jerusalem
The impact of isolation of religious communities on oral health.
The impact of community and family social network on oral health.
The impact of faith and religious on oral health services attendance.
A qualitative research: The impact of spirituality, and religion on oral health.
The impact of oral health related quality of life among elderly
Levels of burnout among dentists in Israel.
Oral cancer epidemiology and morphological features
The effect Of Extreme Stress Situation For Holocaust Survivors On The Dental Status. 
Public activity:
1989 – Fellow – Israel Dental Association.
2004 – 2007 - European College of Gerodontology.
2005 – 2008 – The National Council for Geriatrics.
2006 – Fellow - International College of Dentists.
2000-2008 - Director and Constructor of Yad Sarah dental clinics
2007 – Reviewer – Bulletin of the World Health Organization.
2008 – District nominating committee of the International College of Dentists for the recruitment and recommendation of new fellows. 
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