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  • Prof.  Jonathan Mann
Born 1949 in Jerusalem, to an eighth generation Israeli family.
1967-70 - Israel Defence Forces, reaching the rank of Major.
1976 - D.M.D. degree from the Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Dental Medicine.
1976-78, Professor Mann divided his time between the departments of Community Dentistry and Periodontology.
1978 - University of Pennsylvania, M.Sc. degree in Epidemiology.
1980 - full-time academic staff member of the Department of Community Dentistry.
1990 - Chairman of the department of Community Dentistry.
Active in all major faculty committees,
Chairman of the committees for Continuing Education, Curriculum and Alumni.
School's first Director of Clinics.
1986 and 1991 - University of Colorado.
1999 - 2005 Dean of the School of Dental Medicine.
Research Interests

Dental Manpower
Primary prevention.

Prof. Mann is very active in community projects.
During the major wave of aliyah from the former Soviet Union, Prof. Mann was instrumental in the organization of training programs in dentistry in the frame of the Department of Community Dentistry, and continued to take an active role in the absorption of immigrants from Ethiopia.
Prof. Mann is a member of the presidium of "Yad Sarah" (a volunteer health organization).
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