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  • Dr.  Esti Davidovich



      • 1975  born,   Ukraine
• 1995  B. Sc., Hebrew University, Israel.
• 2000  Rector’s Award for Academic Excellence, Hebrew University
• 2001  D.M.D., Hebrew University, Israel.
• 2002 M.Sc. Hebrew University, Israel.
• 2002 MSc in Pediatric Dentistry Magna cum laude
• 2002-2005 Post graduate program, specialization in pediatric dentistry, The Hebrew University, Israel
• 2007  clinical lecturer , Hebrew University, Israel
• 2007  Coordinator, Postgraduate Continuing Education in Pediatric Dentistry, Hebrew University—Hadassah School of Dental Medicine
• 2008 Dean’s List for Excellence in Teaching, Hebrew University Hadassah School of Dental Medicine

My research fields are medically compromised children: challenges in treatment and the influence of different treatment modalities on the developing oral cavity. In addition I also investigate  saliva biochemistry and  proteomics as a tool for the diagnosis and monitoring  systemic diseases in children.
I.                Clinical research
Medically compromised children: challenges in treatment and the influence of different treatment modalities on the developing oral cavity. My research in this area include different systemic diseases and its influence on the oral cavity.
II.              Basic science Research
saliva is a potential diagnostic tool of systemic conditions , we assess whole saliva biochemistry and saliva proteomics  to obtain diagnoses in children with a range of suspected conditions. In addition, we have begun to compare findings in saliva from children with different systemic conditions with findings in healthy children, as described below.
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